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Events Christmas Event - Day 2
5 months ago

The Day 2 of our Christmas Event is starting tommorow 06/12/2020

In this event you can place a Spruce Sapling on the ground.

Events Christmas Event - Day 1
5 months ago

The event is starting today 05/11/2020

To get started you need to claim this rank for free on our webstore

Click the link below to get to the webstore:

Hybicel Network Christmas Webstore

Info New Discord Server Role - ­čÉ×Finder
6 months ago

Bug Finder is a new discord role that is going to be given to the user that are going to find any bug / glitch or a problem in the server.

This role will gain a whole new bug finders category with 2 channels text and media channel .

Staff Roles can get this role too 

Important New Discord Server and New QR Codes
6 months ago

New Discord Server

The old discord server was completely deleted because it was raided and was ruined. Big thanks to the new [Co-Owner] CiderAndPasties who helped me a lot with bringing back the server.

The server's invite link is  : 

Info New Discord Server - https://discord.gg/yzS2fXF
6 months ago

https://i.imgur.com/YH1tsPs.png The old server was raided and now we have a new one Join here: https://discord.gg/yzS2fXF

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